When Reality Hits

The moment when you realize that no matter what you do it's not going to help anything... Time to remove yourself from the situation. When the person you love no longer cares to even do anything for themselves. You then realize that you can no longer carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.... Continue Reading →


So Hurt… So Lost… So Alone

I'm so tired of hurting. I'm so tired of all this pain. I'm so tired of doing everything alone. I wish so much to just go back in time and just freeze it. Ya I know you can't but one could hope. Right?! Just like one could hope that they don't wake up the next... Continue Reading →

Review Time: Doctor Terpene by Nova Paths

Doctor Terpene Cannabis with Purpose Cannabis Oil Extract 1/2 gram cartridge CBD 1:1 Ideal Strain Cannabis, plus Cannabinoids and Optimized Terpenes THC: 39.62% CBD: 41.05% Serving size is on 3-sec. inhalation Approx: 150 servings per container   Time has come to do another review and I realized I have yet to do one on any... Continue Reading →

Shit My Kids Say

I know we all have kids that say the darnedest of things. I wish I could record their voice for you to hear what they say. To me hearing the tone is part of the funniest shit to hear when they say the things they do. "H" is the "big brother" in the houses currently.... Continue Reading →

This Journey We Call Life

Let me just say this now... Yes I am a very down and depressed, negative person right now with the outlook of shit. Oh well. If you don't like it then don't read it. I started this blog to help me out in life and for that purpose only is why I do this. I... Continue Reading →

Review: Cookie Crunch by Phantom Farms

Morning review with coffee..... Thc: 24.74% CBD: 0.08% Smells like a cedar pine citrus hint of sweet smell. Seemed rather dry nugget but when ground down, volume as one would expect from the buds, however more moist that it appeared. Pipe/bong rips: flavors are very earthy with spices and berries. Definitely still has the taste... Continue Reading →

Crumble Review: AB NYPD x Pineapple Cheese

White Label Extracts Cultivated by: Arnie Brownie Hybrid: NYPD x Pineapple Cheese Honeycomb Total Cannabinoids: 83.40% Thc: 71.90% "Fresh off the Press" You might want to say...... For not liking the diesel one bit, for many reasons, this cross shocked me. Both in flavor and effects. The taste .... well I don't know how else... Continue Reading →

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